Gooey, runny, sticky ... Mont d’Or or Vacherin Mont d’Or or Vacherin du Haut-Daubs is so French it should be wearing a beret and carry a baguette. It’s named after Mont d’Or (Golden Mountain) in the Jura region, Franche Comté, department of Doubs.


In France it is revered as the best of the raw milk cheeses and when you taste it for the first time – you’ll understand why. It is only made between August 15 and March 15, and derives its unique nutty taste from the spruce bark in which it is wrapped and only eleven factories in the French Jura region are licensed to produce it. It’s a protected cheese and there’s nothing else quite like it.


If you get a really ripe Mont d’Or you can eat it straight out of the pot or bake it – a really popular way to eat it in France as it brings out even more flavour.


A whole 500g cheese.

Vacherin Mont D'or